At Atomic Gold We reduce cost without compromising safety. Our broad based and longstanding historical relationships with most major gold and silver producers allow us to provide conjunctive shipping arrangements wherever possible. And by operating in two refineries across North America we’re never too far, and offer our customers the best transportation rates available.

Atomic Gold provides its Clients with competitive and secure transportation solutions. We have a long association and work exclusively with the world’s leading high security transportation and logistics companies. 

Our forwarding agents comply with “OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict Affected and High-Risk Areas” standards.
Our Clients benefit from our global contacts with transportation companies ensuring the best terms and conditions. 
We are able to arrange transportation from virtually any requested pick-up location with shipping to Atomic Gold, all undertaken in our name or on behalf of our Client.
All transportation is fully insured. Any loss of insured metal will be paid out in cash.


Atomic Gold will provide offers from 1-2 forwarding agents. The Client will choose the most suitable forwarding agent for his purposes. The following shipping advice and information are required from the Client:

Description of the material 

Number of packages or boxes

Gross weight of packaging, bags and pieces

Number of bags and pieces

Total net weight

Total estimated gold/silver content of shipment in ounces

Other information relating to the shipment as the Client may reasonably request

Name of the Client’s Representative at the weighing, melting and sampling procedures if one is designated

Arrival of the shipment at Atomic Gold

Atomic Gold will confirm to the Client that the goods have been received.